Oil and Gas Production Boards of JSC TATNEFT (also known as NGDUs) are structural divisions of TATNEFT Group. The main areas of the NGDU activities are oil and gas production, treatment of hydrocarbons for transportation, exploration works, field facilities construction and development of new oilfields. The scope of the NGDU activities covers drilling of wells and their workover, cleaning of produced crude oil from water, sulfur, wax and many other operations.

As of today, there  are nine oil and gas production boards operating at JSC TATNEFT:  Aznakayevskneft, Almetyevneft, Bavlyneft, Jalilneft, Yelkhovneft, Leninogorskneft, Nurlatneft,  Prikamneft, and Yamashneft

More than 3 billion tons of crude oil have been produced in the territory of Tatarstan. The greater part of this amount has been produced by JSC TATNEFT.

According to the evaluation made by the Miller & Lents independent international consulting company the proven developed, virgin and undrilled reserves of JSC TATNEFT amounted to 878.2 million tons of oil as of the beginning of 2009.

As of today the total number of different trade professionals employed at the Oil & Gas Production Boards of JSC TATNEFT exceeds 14 thousand persons.>

Following the principles of sustainable development the NGDUs of JSC TATNEFT undertake social obligations to their employees. In particular, funds are regularly allocated to improve the quality of life of the employees and the municipalities’ residents in the regions of NGDUs activities. The Production Boards contribute to the development of education, health, sports and the NGDUs initiate and construct sports centers, recreation centers, health improvement camps for children, parks of culture and other facilities of social and economic spheres.